Released in July this past year, Pokemon Go is an exceptionally addictive game that completely shattered the gaming industry. It’s no doubt that every Pokemon lover around the globe fell for the game which brought the animated, cartoon-like characters into real lives. Who may have thought they’d be roaming the streets catching a common childhood creatures via smartphones! Well, Nintendo made this happen and as a result, the mobile game became the absolute most significant revolutionary leap in the whole 20-years history of Pokemon.

While we know each of you need to be already acquainted with the basics of the game, here we shall try to cover the overview of the game in brief.
The game for mobile platform got everyone outside, catching Pokemon with friends, fighting over gyms, and sounding new friends on the way. All of the augmented reality infrastructure of Pokemon Go was already in place. Niantic ensured its location-based MMO mobile game was up and running. The game features point-of-interest check-ins in addition to territorial conflicts. The dedicated conflict zones are named “gyms” and landmarks are called “Pokestops “.
Assume you’re in a densely crowded area, you won’t find any issue finding new Pokemon and adding up to your collection. There are Pokemon everywhere and you need not suffer limitations. All that’s necessary to fully capture these amazing critters is a single-thumb input, exactly the same process you see in many other popular games.
Simulating the motion of throwing, a forward swipe to fully capture your target is all you need to complete in order to grow your collection. Though you will find Pokemon of types around the town, but mostly Pokemon owned by specific terrains are present in matching locations, like a water-type Goldeen near large bodies of water.
Aspects of the Game
Just lackadaisically throw Pokemon balls as you lean to fully capture them and explore if the Pokemon can deflect incoming attempts, fly, or jump. As you are able to only keep 250 of these at most of the, there come judgement moments for the masters of the game on which ones to keep and which ones to let go. Similar to the card game up to a level, fighting in a fitness center is a duel of stats and trying out your cumulative abilities to outweigh the opponents.
The factors that count in the gym battles are height, health, weight, and type. What’s most determining aspect in the game is Pokemon’s CP. This is upgraded with assistance from candy and stardust, the two currencies that you earn after each and every capture.
The game offers tips and guides on how best to obtain a victory in the virtual face-offs. Considering that, the gym battles seem an advantage with the collaborative effort. Trials let you test your nuances and attack timings alongside dodges. In this way you realize your mistakes and will even share the experience in public.
Social Strengths of Pokemon Go
What makes the game socially a winner are the abilities to generally share notes, group capture sessions, and bonded team battles. Collecting becomes a communal effort as no wild Pokemon is exclusive to the one who captures it first. Once a Pokemon turns up somewhere, every user playing the game at the moment has equal opportunity to fully capture it.
The experience gets more exciting with lures, consumable items, and other items that attract more Pokemon to a particular location. More Pokemon requires more players resulting in more new friendships.
Final words
While it’s not easy, to sum up, the blockbuster game within few words, it’s still right to express that Pokemon Go has set new benchmarks on the planet of gaming. Within just per year, the game has seen immense popularity and height of craze worldwide. It’s still in trend, though never as popular since it was in the starting owing to several issues and bugs that surrounded the game in its early weeks. Maybe these reasons are up to a level the cause of slanting slope in its success. In just about any manner, Pokemon Go still remains to rank the best and most widely used games of times on mobile platform.


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